Helping you build successful Indigenous workplace inclusion strategies and corporate/Indigenous engagements

Climb the seven-stage?Inclusion Continuum

Where is your company on the Inclusion Continuum?

Stage 1 – Indifference, Stage 2 – Intimidation, Stage 3 – Image, Stage 4 – Initiation, Stage 5 – Incubation, Stage 6 – Integration, Stage 7 – Inclusion

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Seven Stage Engagement Framework

Our new partnership model is immersed in cultural understandings that can inform strategies and practices that are needed to successfully develop partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous companies and organizations.

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Partnership Video And Guide

Indigenous Works has produced a free 19-minute Video and accompanying Guide. ?

The Video provides a tour of Indigenous Works’ 7-stage Partnership Model. Learn valuable insights and tips on the journey to develop and sustain successful Indigenous/ non-Indigenous partnerships.

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Featured Videos

Kelly Lendsay – A Workforce and Partnership Solution

A split second decision can change your entire life. This was the case for Adam Poitras.?Check out this video created by True Calling Canada. Find out more about our partner True Calling Canada at?!

Adam channels his passion of building things through his work as a Web & IT Manager at Indigenous Works, aimed towards workplace inclusion for the Indigenous Community.

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